If you are waiting to get dentures because you fear they will be costly and take a long time to get, Dental & Dentures Irwin offers denture models that start at $449* per plate. Unless you have a complicated case, we can produce them for you the same day in our on-site dental lab.

Offering four types of dentures that range from economy to top-of-the-line models, we custom-craft and custom fit the dentures to your mouth so that they feel comfortable and enhance your appearance. Everything we offer is budget friendly, warrantied, and bound to please.

Just missing a few teeth? Dental & Dentures Irwin can fit you with partial dentures to make your mouth whole again. Our prices are budget friendly and our work is guaranteed to make you smile from the first time you look in the mirror and beyond.

What are WorryFree Dentures?

The best dentures we offer bear the name of what the best natural teeth were supposed to be: WorryFree. Our top-of-the-line WorryFree Dentures from Dental & Dentures Irwin are the best you can buy, as they are made of the highest grade materials and incorporate special techniques to make them fit better. They offer you the look and feel of natural teeth.

With an extensive warranty that goes beyond the limited warranty you find on most dentures, our WorryFree denture models boast a 7-year warranty against breaking, cracking, or fracturing. Should you have a problem within the first 5 years due to excessive wear, discoloration, or even loss or inappropriate use, you are able to procure a replacement for half price. Even if you lose your dentures or drop them on a tile floor, you can come in for new custom-fit replacement pair.

Buying our top-of-the-line model offers other benefits too, including annual exams, free relines to keep them fitting properly, and annual professional cleanings. Your WorryFree dentures will live up to their name.

NaturalFit Denture

Classic Denture

Economy Denture

Over time, even the best-fitting dentures no longer fit as well is they did when they were new. Changes in the contours and ridges of your mouth change, and while redesigning them may help them keep their good fit, they may ultimately need replacement. The average lifespan of dentures is about five years.

For information about dentures, denture care, and general dentistry, check out, the consumer website of the American Dental Society.

Whether you are a first-time denture buyer or an experienced wearer in need of replacement, call Dental & Dentures Irwin at (724) 864-0070 or click here for information about any of our denture products or to schedule an appointment for quick, competent service.

When you need to replace some, but not all of your teeth, we also offer custom crafted partial dentures to make you feel great.

FlexiFit-Cast Partial

FlexiFit Partial

Cast Partial