Frequently Asked Questions About Your Dentures

When you are missing natural teeth, dentures from Dental & Dentures Irwin are an affordable way to replace your teeth with a prosthetic that will help you look and feel great. Your dentures will look and fit like your natural teeth at their prime and give you a full smile again.
After you lose teeth, your bite is off and your appearance changes. When you have dentures, you once again have a smile to be proud of and you can eat naturally once you have gotten used to having the dentures in your mouth.
At Dental & Dentures Irwin, we offer several models of dentures starting at $449* per plate. Offering four different models, we carefully explain the differences in price and features to you so you can select the best dentures for your budget. Since you are making an investment in your appearance and self-confidence, we encourage you to purchase the best dentures you can afford with the help of our convenient payment plans.
Dentures often have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years or more. While your dentures fit your mouth perfectly when you get them, your mouth and bone structure change over time, which affects the fit. Also, like natural teeth, they can pick up stains from smoking and eating and wear down from chewing and grinding your teeth.

To keep your dentures looking and feeling their best, you should visit your dentist annually for a denture checkup, and if they irritate you throughout the year, make an appointment to come in.
Most patients require a brief period of adjustment to their new dentures, but quickly find that their speech is the same. The dentures make a major impact on appearance and, according to some denture wearers, soften facial lines so that they appear more youthful. Your smile will light up your face.

Your dentures are made especially for you to ensure the best fit and feel. Before we make the final dentures, we make a wax model so that the dentist can get the teeth in the proper position. Both you and the dentist get a good idea of how your dentures will look; at this point some adjustments can be made to improve appearance.
Because dentures cover the roof of your mouth, eating with them at first feels strange. You may need to break them in. To help you get used to eating with them in your mouth, your dentist and the team at Dental & Dentures Irwin will offer you tips about how to bite and chew with the new teeth. Adjusting to your dentures just requires a bit of time and patience.
Feeling the dentures in the mouth is strange to some new denture wearers. Some patients find that they suddenly produce too much saliva, or they feel like the new teeth are too big. It typically takes about one week for your oral tissues to adapt.
Cleaning dentures after every meal is an excellent way to prevent the buildup of bacteria and stains on the teeth. To clean them, you should hold them over a towel or soft cloth with your thumb and fingers so that you do not drop them. Just use warm running water, along with denture cleaner and a special denture brush to wash away germs and food particles.
At first, your speech may sound a bit different because you have something in your mouth that you are not used to. Once you get past this feeling, your speech will return to its usual sound. Reading out loud can help you adjust to speaking with dentures.
While every case is different, many dentists prefer that you remove your dentures at night so that you can let your gums and mouth tissues rest. Your dentist at Dental & Dentures Irwin will suggest what he/she wants you to do and also offer you some tips about how to best take care of your dentures when they are out of your mouth.
Using liners can make dentures fit and feel better, but over-the-counter types can do damage to your mouth and your dentures. If the fit of your dentures is not as you like, stop by our dental lab at Dental & Dentures Irwin for professional realignment. If you are a WorryFree denture wearer, relines are available at no charge.
While dentures remain the most affordable option for replacing missing teeth, modern dentistry has several approaches to filling gaps in your mouth were teeth once were. Contact your Dental & Dentures Irwin professional to discuss other options that might fit your budget.