Dental Implants

After accidents, disease, or extractions, implants are currently considered by modern dentistry to be the best approach to replacing natural teeth. A dentist surgically implants an artificial tooth root in your jaw, and after the site is healed, screws on the crown that look and function like a natural tooth, without having to add a denture or partial plate.

When the implant is rooted in the jaw, it serves like a natural tooth would to prevent teeth from shifting out of place, which ensures a confident, great looking smile and prevents the problems of misalignment.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Installing fixed bridges and removable dentures in the mouth requires compromising other teeth while implants function independently and produce many great results such as:

Realistic and natural looking appearance, since they are embedded in your gum as natural teeth were.

Reduced bone loss, as the gum is stabilized. Whenever you lose a tooth, the bone that supported it shrinks over time and the gum becomes unstable. Implants prevent this, while adding to your appearance.

No embarrassing slippage as dentures are likely to do, since the implants are permanently screwed into the gum.

No compromising natural tooth structure, since the implants prevent movement by other teeth.

Long life expectancy of up to 20 years or more, in comparison to a 5 to 7-year life expectancy for dentures.

While bridges are the common way to replace one or more teeth, the dentist may need to remove other teeth or cut them down to prepare the mouth before connecting the bridge. Implants, on the other hand, are installed independently so that other teeth are not negatively affected.

Since implants are costly, a bridge or denture may be a more affordable solution to replace multiple missing teeth. New technology allows the dentures to be supported by mini-implants which offer many of the benefits of implants at reduced cost.

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