Mini Denture Implants: SnapFit Dentures - Mini-Denture Implant System

When you want the economy of dentures coupled with the stability of implants, Dental & Dentures Irwin can install mini implants by SnapFit. Approved by the FDA, mini implants offer an excellent solution for replacement teeth that allow you to enjoy a meal without embarrassment.

Mini implants are a popular solution for several reasons:

How Does The SnapFit Mini Denture Implant System Work?

When installing the SnapFit system, your dentist implants posts in your jaw that will be the anchors for your dentures, which snap onto the posts. Your dentist at Dental & Dentures Irwin may be able to use your current dentures, which will look and feel more natural when stabilized by the SnapFit system.

Once the system is in place, you will see almost instant improvement in your ability to eat naturally and enjoy food like you used to before you had dentures. You no longer have to fear embarrassment when you are eating corn on the cob or other foods challenging to dentures, as your new stabilized dentures will stay in place during meals. When you need to remove them for cleaning, you literally snap them off and on.

Besides offering you a new level of comfort, SnapFit dentures are affordable, as they cost a fraction of the cost of full implants.

Taking advantage of this convenient system requires a dentist that will do the job right. Your Dental & Dentures Irwin professional is well-versed in all manners of modern dentistry, including SnapFit, which means that we can offer you options when you come to us with missing teeth.

To see if SnapFit mini-implants would work for you, schedule an appointment at Dental & Dentures Irwin by calling (724) 864-0070 or clicking here.